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Photo Tribute Organizational Tips

1. Photos
Organize the pictures you want to use in the order you want them to appear on the video and number them on the back either with a pencil, quick drying pen, post-it type paper or cut up address labels, number and stick on back. If you find a picture that needs to be put in the project after you have numbered them, just add and A, B, C, etc to it. ( example 18A). Snapshots can be of any size, but the larger the picture, the better the results in most situations. Black and white or color photos are accepted. When picking out your photos, the funny, cute, or sentimental photos tend to have more impact. Please make sure that your chosen photos are well-focused ones.

Don’t use a regular ink pen or magic marker because the ink can transfer to the other photos or bleed through to the picture side of the photos.

Tip -Try to choose pictures that are horizontal (wider than they are tall) because they more closely fit your television screen. If a picture needs special cropping, such as a person you don’t want in the picture, cover that person with a post-it type note-paper. A sub-title sometimes is needed on a photo as well, if so, use post-it paper stuck on front of photo with the written title. We can also use announcements, clippings and other memorabilia.

 2. Music
Choose what music you want played with your video. Then, on a sheet of paper, list which song you want played with what pictures. The average time that each picture stays on the screen is 5 – 6 seconds. That time can be lengthened or shortened to fit your song or the song can be repeated or faded out to fit your pictures. One whole song will cover about 25 – 30 pictures.

 3. Titles
Next, you’ll need to come up with a simple beginning and ending title for your video. If you have a longer photo tribute such as our love story, sport videos, through the years etc., you will also need titles for each section.

4. Organize All
Put each group of photos in separate manila envelope and write on the outside; ( section 1, photos 1-20, title of section, and music selections). Please put your name on all envelopes of photos, compact discs, audio cassettes, etc.

5. Layout
You can use the format below to keep your project organized. Then bring your photos, music and instruction list to Video Data Productions. The rest is up to us.


Opening Titles: __________________________________________

Section #  Photos # Title for Section Audio Selections
SECTION 1 1-20  Wonder Years Times of our lives – Paul Anka
SECTION 2  21-40  The Romance Begins  It had to be you – Connick
SECTION 3 41-     
SECTION 4      

Closing titles: ___________________________________________