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Home Movie Transfer Services

We can take your old home movies that have been sitting in the closet all these years and transform them into a video complete with titles and music. Just number your reels in the order you want them to appear on the video and we will do the rest. We treat your film as if it were our very own. We use state-of-the-art commercial Elmo projectors and transfer by aerial image to give you the best quality available. We scan through all your footage and cut the excess leader at beginning and end of each reel and look for other bad spots throughout the reel and edit them.
Our trained technician, transfers your film to a DVD with a free opening title. We also can add music and multiple titles to your film or we can leave them silent. Your treasured film is given back to you in the same condition it was brought to us. This service is done in-house and it takes about two weeks to get through our work load. We can get about 1600 to 1800 feet of 8mm or S8mm on a regular DVD. The small reels (3″ in diameter) that most people have hold 50 feet of film. If you are shipping your film be sure to pack it carefully and add insurance to the package.

8mm movie film transferred to DVD or Blu-ray = .20 per foot
S8mm movie film transferred to DVD or Blu-ray = .20 per foot
16mm movie film transferred to DVD or Blu-ray= .15 per foot
Sales tax and shipping not included.

Additional Services
Background music $7.00 / per ½ hour of film
Customer may provide music on CD.
Extra Titles $5.00 / per screen

35mm Slides to DVD or computer file.
Each of your slides are scanned and cropped to fit widescreen format.
Free opening title and music included in price
 First 80 slides- $79.95         Next 80 slides- $59.95