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Facts and Tips


  • FACT: A study by Chrysler Corp. indicates that customers are much more likely to watch a video than to read a brochure. 
  • FACT: Fortune Magazine says sales closings are five times greater when using video than a printed brochure. Imagine five times. 
  • FACT: You can expect close to 100% viewership and some multiple viewing. Imagine 100%. 
  • FACT: Wharton School of Business found that customers reached a buying decision 72% of the time after viewing a marketing tape. 72%! 
  • FACT: The combination of sight and sound increases retention by 50% over print alone. Imagine 50%! 
  • FACT: You can give a complete perfect presentation every time. Imagine every time! 


  • Use the video to attract customers. 
  • Use large graphics that are easy to read to highlight features & benefits. 
  • Use eye catching scenes and digital effects to further catch their eye and hold interest. 
  • Since trade shows are so noisy, use an upbeat music piece (non-copyrighted) as a sound track instead of a narration. 
  • Have a 60-minute continuous run tape made. The tape and editing cost will be reduced and the rewind time will be much faster. 

Video Data Productions can help make your next trade show a success. 

YOUR COMPANY IMAGE When presenting your company video to potential customers, remember that the quality of the finished video presentation is a reflection of your company. Do it right the first time. 



  • Client – Must provide all pertinent information to be included in script, including a detailed outline or rough script if at all possible. 
  • Video Data Services – Meet with client to discuss project. Begin formulating a proposal based on these discussions, as well as information included in the outline. 
  • Client – Agree on proposal and make first payment to initialize development of script. 
  • Video Data Services – Complete rough draft of script. 
  • Client – Make changes to rough draft. 
  • Video Data Services – Complete changes, and polish script into final form – which would include the addition of matching possible video, graphics and animations to the script. Meet with client to discuss video and graphics, as well as the finalization of the script. 
  • Client – Sign-off on the final version of the script. From this point on, any changes to the script would become detrimental to the project and possibly increase the cost. 
  • Video Data Services and Client – Set up schedules to begin any production work. Finalized graphics and animations will be started at this point. 


  • Video Data Services – Go to locations according to set schedule and complete all production work. 
  • Client – Must provide an available contact person to assist Video Data Services at production sites. 


  • Video Data Services – Record and lay down narration tracks according to script. Edit video, computer graphics, character-generated titles and animation according to script, and add all special effects and licensed music from our library. 
  • Client – View edited tape and list necessary changes. 
  • Video Data Services – Complete requested changes and finalize video. 
  • Client – Approve final video, and decide on number of duplicates required. 
  • Video Data Services – Make and deliver all duplications. Receive final payment.