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Fequently Asked Questions About Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Q: Can I afford you?

A: Although our prices may sound expensive, it is one of the best values you will invest in for your Bar / Bat Mitzvah. Our video is a small percentage of the overall cost your event, yet is one of the most treasured memories you will have from your special day. We have different packages and payment plans available to meet your needs.

Q: How many Bar / Bat Mitzvahs has your company done?

A: Too many to count, we have been doing them since 1985.

Q: Why choose Video Data Productions?

A: Quality, creativity, and friendly? Your Bar / Bat Mitzvah video will make you laugh and cry and will be something you will be proud to show your friends. We will tape and edit your event like it was our own!

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: We use state-of-the-art broadcast video equipment. We are a full time video production company, so we are continuously updating our equipment to take advantage of the latest technology.

Q: Will you be a distraction to our service?

A: Absolutely not! We pride ourselves in being discreet and non-intrusive.

Q: What if we want something special?

A: No problem, you’re the boss, tell us what you want and we will try our best to fulfill your vision.

Q: Do you use lights at the reception?

A: Yes, but your guests won’t be blinded by high-powered lights. We use just the right amount of light, keeping the ambiance of your reception.

Q: How many hours are included in your packages?

A: We really don’t have a time limit. We start about the same time as the photographer prior to the service and stay through all the main events at the reception. We are there for all the important events.

Q: How do you know what footage to use in the final edit?

A: We have a certain format we follow that has been developed from the hundreds of Bar / Bat Mitzvahs that we have taped over the years. Adjustments can be made to meet your specific needs. We can discuss this in more detail with you either in person or on the phone.

Q: When do I get my edited tape?

A: Your finished product will be ready in 6-12 weeks after the event. Please allow and extra week for holidays. We will call you as soon as it is ready.